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Here at Spice Rack & Bulk Foods, we are proud to offer a great selection of Amish dairy and meat products. These are always fresh and full of flavor for your enjoyment.


Everyone will be talking about how good your meal was when you use the fresh meats available at our store. Complement the meats with some fantastic Amish cheeses for even more flavor.

Fresh Meats and Dairy Products Simply Taste Better

Coming up with a great meal choice is easy with our help

Whether you know exactly what you need or you're looking for recommendations for something new, our friendly, experienced staff will recommend a great choice of dairy or meat products. Enjoy your next meal with fresh meats and dairy products from Spice Rack & Bulk Foods.


  • Amish butters

  • Amish cheeses

  • Amish smoked cheeses

  • Local farm fresh eggs

  • Aged raw milk cheese

  • Cheese curds

  • Minerva Butters

Find the dairy products or quality meats that you need:


  • Amish meats

  • Lebanon bologna

  • Trail bologna

  • Summer sausage

  • Uncured summer sausage

  • Jalapeño cheese sausage

  • Uncured Applewood smoked bacon

cheese BADGE

Grass fed jersey milk,

Flavored milks, Yogurt,

Cheese curds


FreshStart Farm

Now Available


Dairy & Meats

  • Trail Bologna

  • Trail Bologna With Hot Pepper Cheese

  • Grand Champion Summer Sausage

  • Jalapeno And Cheese Summer Sausage

  • Uncured Summer Sausage

  • Sweet Lebanon Bologna (Blue Label)

  • Lebanon Bologna (Red Label)

  • Salted Butter Quarters

  • Unsalted Butter Quarters

  • Cream Cheese

  • Amish Roll Butter

  • Amish Roll Butter Cut

  • White Cheddar Curds

  • Yellow Cheddar Curds

  • Garlic & Dill Curds

  • Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon

  • Amish Roll Butter Unsalted

  • Amish Roll Butter Unsalted Cut

  • Horseradish Cheese Spread

  • Smoked Bacon Cheese Spread

  • Pimento Cheese Spread

  • Olive & Pimento Cracker Cut

  • Amish Bermuda Onion Cracker Cut

  • Milk Can Cheddar Cracker Cut

  • Raw Milk Cheddar Cracker Cut

  • Garlic & Herb Cracker Cut

  • Farmer's Cheese Cracker Cut

  • Sun Dried Tomato & Garlic Cracker Cut

  • Dutch Rye Caraway Cracker Cut

  • Jalapeno Pepper Cracker Cut

  • Garden Vegetable Cracker Cut

  • Butter Cheese Cracker Cut

  • Sliced Provolone

  • Sliced Mild Swiss

  • Cornmeal Mush

  • Smoked Cheddar Bar

  • Smoked Hot Pepper Bar

  • Smoked Swiss Bar

  • Smoked Horseradish Bar

  • Farm Fresh Eggs

  • Feta Crumbles

  • Parmesan Cheese Grated

  • Grated Romano

  • Blue Cheese Crumbles

  • Guggisberg Baby Swiss Large Wheel

  • Guggisberg Baby Swiss Small Wheel

  • Guggisberg Baby Swiss Half Wheel

  • Guggisberg Baby Swiss Wedge

  • Colby Cheese

  • Marble Cheese

  • Guggisberg Premium Swiss

  • Walnut Creek Sharp Swiss

  • Smoked Cheddar Cut

  • Smoked Hot Pepper Cut

  • Smoked Swiss Cut

  • Smoked Horseradish Cut

  • Smoked Gouda

  • Smoked Provolone

  • Smoked  Mozzarella

  • Danish Blue Cheese

  • Muenster Cheese

  • Danish Havarti

  • Yancy's Garlic Cheddar

  • Yancy's Horseradish Cheddar

  • Yancy's Habanero Cheddar

  • Argentine Reggianito Cheese

  • New York Sharp Yellow Cheddar

  • New York Sharp White Cheddar

  • York Extra Sharp Raw Milk Cheddar

  • Fresh Mozzarella

  • Goat Cheese

  • Goat Cheese With Herbs

  • Jacobo's Mozzarella

  • Jacobo's Provolone

Stop in at 3375 Dayton Xenia Rd. to see our fantastic, fresh selection of fine ingredients

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